A Highbrow Halloween Reading List

Halloween is a time for spooky reads, and it’s also one of those days when we feel fine with letting our standards go out the window and reading some terrible-but-amazing fright tales. But what if you want to smarten up your Halloween reading list? Can zombies, werewolves and monsters go highbrow? Why yes they can, and for those of you who prefer your chills to come in a loftier package, we’ve got you covered. After the jump, find ten highbrow Halloween reads, from everyone’s favorite Shakespearean ghost story to poetry about zombies — and since we’re already mourning the ghosts of the books we had to cut from this list, resurrect any of your favorites we missed in the comments.

The Last Werewolf, Glen Duncan

Duncan’s re-interpretation of the werewolf legend, which he added to this year with Talulla Rising, stars a wry, sexy, self-aware werewolf who’s over the whole eternal life thing and wants to end it — not that anyone will let him. Smart and thrilling, or as Nick Cave called it, “a brutal, indignant, lunatic howl,” this novel will keep you up at night. Just hopefully not on a full moon.