12 Famous Artists Who Dabbled in Design

If ever we needed a healthy dose of inspiration, it’s late on a Thursday afternoon when that unbearable yearning for the weekend descends on us and everyone else. It’s a time when we usually find ourselves poking around the Internet, carefully considering which creative endeavor to pursue in anticipation of our hallowed free time.

The eternally inspiring design duo Charles and Ray Eames never put their talents in a box. Quite the opposite, their work crossed boundaries and disciplines. They made major contributions to architecture and design, but also dabbled in fine art and film, among other things. In honor of never limiting your dormant creative self, we’ve taken a look at world famous artists who also expressed their vision in a seemingly unexpected format: furniture. From Salvador Dalí’s stunning designs to a practical, playful hammock by the American sculptor who invented the mobile, Alexander Calder, click through and be inspired by artists who refused to be pigeonholed.

Leda Table, Vis-à-vis de Gala Armchair and Bracelli Lamps by Salvador Dalí

Images via Decoblog; bonluxot; Avant Gallery