Kids' Halloween Costumes That They're Too Young to Understand

Halloween is almost here, folks! Have you decided on a costume? If not, stay tuned — we have some great pop-culture inspiration after the jump, courtesy of some cute little ones in some clever little ensembles. If you were a Flavorwire frequenter around this time last year, you may have stumbled upon our first collection of kids’ Halloween costumes that they’re too young to understand. Lucky for us, in the 12 months since then, the Internet has produced even more photos of tiny tykes dressed in costumes that were clearly chosen for them by oh-so-amused adults. Are you ready? Click through for some miniature mad men and meth cooks, and hit the comments to let us know what you think.

Don Draper, Mad Men

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The world needs more photos of little kids dressed like Mad Men characters, because this is flawless. The suit! The apple juice! The hair! The cool expression! Sure, this kid has no idea what’s going on, but his aloofness makes him an even better Don Draper. Well done, parents, and we mean that. Now, find him a mini Megan. She won’t need a name tag; just tell her to say “Zou Bisou Bisou” over and over and she’ll be just fine.