Stunning Staircases: 10 Artist Makeovers That Make the City More Beautiful

The City Beautiful Movement was a reform philosophy that developed at the turn of the last century in reaction to a widespread belief that our cities were ugly. Responsible for, among other things, Central Park, Golden Gate Park, and the monumental core of our nation’s capitol, including the National Mall and the Lincoln Memorial, the ideology is relevant now more than ever. With populations in urban areas growing at mind boggling rates (check out this visualization of the population growth of 590 cities around the world), creating beauty to maintain our quality of life is critical. With that in mind, here’s a look at another interpretation of the City Beautiful ideals: artistic infrastructure. From a Lebanese artist collective’s painted staircases in Beirut to mosaics in Brazil that will blow your mind, click through to check out gorgeous public staircases around the world.

Mar Mikhael Staircase by Dihzahyners Project – Beirut, Lebanon

Image credit: Nadim Kamel via STREET ART UTOPIA