Classic Fairy Tales Retold for Twenty-Somethings

Fairy tales are an elemental part of our culture, our world, and the way we tell and experience story. But for some twenty-somethings, tales about losing your way in the forest and getting tricked by wolves don’t really have any resonance — didn’t Little Red Riding Hood have Google Maps? Enter the awesome new Tumblr Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings, pointed out to us by the fine folks at io9, which imagines your favorite characters from fairy tales and children’s books as they might face the world today, embroiled in their quarter-life crises. Luckily, unlike wearing novelty t-shirts, hanging unframed posters on your walls, and staying out all night every night, you’ll never get too old for fairy tales. Click through for a few of our favorites, and then head on over to Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings, or well, follow them on Twitter to see more.

The crazy thing is that eventually even Alice began to doubt whether what she’d seen down the rabbit hole had ever really existed. And it didn’t make her sad, there was nothing overly dramatic about it, it was just that now she understood how the world actually worked.

But then she was tagged in a photo by an old friend, by the White Rabbit. It was a faded picture of her and the Cheshire Cat, and, wow, it just brought her right back.

Text and image via Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings.