The 10 Creepiest Soundtrack Songs to Be Murdered By

What would a cinematic serial killer be without a chilling, trademark theme song? Save certain polymaths of music and murder, like Charles Manson, most real-life killers don’t get the luxury of a hair-raising soundtrack accompaniment. Scary movies draw on a lot of varied sources for creating the perfect murderous mood music. Sometimes, it’s a tinny, crackling old lullaby played from a broken radio in another room. Other times, murderers require a more epic, haunting buildup. And occasionally, it’s a song that we otherwise wouldn’t find creepy at all, but somehow becomes permanently attached to a nightmarish slasher scene. In lieu of unscary Halloween novelty standbys like “Monster Mash,” we offer 10 of the creepiest songs from our favorite murderous soundtracks. Be forewarned, some of these clips are a bit on the NSFW side.

“Come Wander With Me” by Jeff Alexander/Bonnie Beecher, in The Twilight Zone

Nothing says prelude to murder quite like a mysterious serenade in the middle of the woods. The hushed tone and dark arrangement of this song, written by Jeff Alexander (who also contributed heavily to Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Music to be Murdered By), has earned something of a cult status in the world of foreboding, murderous soundtracks.