10 Classic Halloween Cartoons You Can Watch Right Now

Nothing makes us feel like kids again more than Halloween. All of our greatest memories associated with the spooky holiday conjure up snapshots of crafty costumes and cavity-inducing treats. In the days leading up to Halloween, creepy cartoons always set the mood with spine-tingling tales and famous animated characters channeling the dark side. We’ve collected several classic cartoons that pay homage to all things haunted and hair-raising, so head past the break to see what we came up with. Share your favorites, below.

The Skeleton Dance (1929)

One of the greatest cartoons in animation history, Disney’s 1929 Skeleton Dance was a playful nod to late-medieval Danse Macabre iconography and a musical twist on the traditional foxtrot and Edvard Grieg’s “The March of the Trolls.” In the short, nocturnal creatures awaken a skeleton from the grave that enlists his bony friends for several spirited song and dance numbers. In a 1971 interview, composer Carl Stalling talked more about his inspiration. “Ever since I was a kid I had wanted to see real skeletons dancing and had always enjoyed seeing skeleton-dancing acts in vaudeville. As kids, we all like spooky pictures and stories, I think.” The dancing skeletons made several later appearances, including 1929’s Haunted House, starring Mickey.