The 12 Most Unnecessary Pumpkin-Flavored Products

Fall is in the air, and that means, once again, it’s that time of year when nothing’s safe from being pumpkinized. This year, the endless flurry of pumpkin- and pumpkin-spice-flavored goods and services seems to have gotten a bit out of hand. The popularity of Starbucks’ autumnally emblematic Pumpkin Spice Latte has ushered in an anything-goes mentality among marketing strategists, leading some to compare the newfound ubiquity of pumpkin to bacon, others to remind us of the oft-forgotten history of the pumpkin-spice trade, and yet other rabid partisans to come to its defense.

But whether we actually like pumpkin or we’re simply addicted to corn syrup and pumpkin pie spice seems beside the point; there are certain things that are just better off free from pumpkin tyranny. We’ve put together a list of some of the stranger manifestations of the pumpkin craze we’ve seen this season. Stock up while these last, because it’s only a matter of time before all the candy canes and “holiday spice” products take over.

The BK Pumpkin

Laughing Squid found these seasonal monstrosities from Burger King Japan, which include the “Pumpkin Bomb”: a burger topped with lettuce, bacon, creamy nut sauce, and ten slices of fried kabocha.