Tiny, Intricate Cardboard Sets for Non-Existent Films

A mid-century diner with a lone patron. A delicate, mechanical hot-air balloon about to take flight. An empty train station in the middle of the night. You might mistake the sepia-tone images you see below as stills from an old movie, and that’s precisely the illusion Melbourne-based artist and filmmaker Daniel Agdag is attempting to create. Called Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make, the photos actually capture intricate cardboard sculptures that he says were “assembled intuitively by hand using a plain well known brand of wood glue, without detailed plans or drawings.” Click through for some of our favorite shots from Agdag’s non-existent film, which we discovered via Visual News, and visit Agdag’s website for more. Melbourne locals, meanwhile, can head to Off the Kerb gallery between October 26th and November 9th to get a closer look.

Image credit: Daniel Agdag