Exclusive Supercut: 25 Unforgettable Moments from TV’s Fictional Elections

Who had the better campaign video, George Michael or Zack Morris? Is President Bartlet or President Roslin more of a badass? Was Greendale President-elect South Park or Kramer’s loss at Del Boca Vista Phase III the bigger upset? In anticipation of the very real election that’s less than two weeks away, check out our supercut featuring some classic moments from TV’s fictional campaigns, and let us know if we missed any of your favorite candidates!

Edited by Michelle Rafferty
Music by The Boston Pops

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Veep: Vice President Selina Meyer and jerk Congressman Furlong
Community: Annie and Jeff, Greendale Campus President candidates
Glee: Kurt Hummel, McKinley High Class President candidate
Sliders: Professor Arturo, SF mayoral candidate and leader of the “men’s rights movement”
Parks and Recreation: Knope 2012 on Ice
Family Guy: School Board President candidates Peter and Lois Griffin
Designing Women: County Commissioner candidate Julia Sugarbaker
Tanner 88: Representative Jack Tanner, Presidential candidate
Glee: Congressional candidate Sue Sylvester and School Arts Crusader Will Schuester
The Thick of It: Malcolm Tucker and Nicola Murray MP
Deadwood: Fields and Rutherford, excited voters
Seinfeld: Kramer, Del Boca Vista phase III Presidential candidate
West Wing: Vinick and Santos
Modern Family: Claire Dunphy, City Council candidate
Saved by the Bell: Zack Morris and Jessie Spano, Bayside Class President candidates
Battlestar Galactica: President Roslin and Baltar
30 Rock: VP candidate Governor Dunston
West Wing: President Bartlet and Governor Ritchie
Community: Troy and Abed, GCTV political commentators
Tanner 88: Billy Ridenour
Arrested Development: George Michael and GOB, worst campaign manager ever
Glee: Blaine Anderson, McKinley Presidential candidate
Boardwalk Empire: Nucky Thompson, AC treasurer
West Wing: the staff, stranded in Indiana
Parks and Recreation: Congresswoman Leslie Knope