10 Terrifying Artworks We Dare You to Look At

See, the nice part about Halloween is that those of us with aesthetic sensibilities that lean toward morbid and disgusting can pass unnoticed among the celebrating Internet and IRL masses. We can enjoy Judith Beheading Holofernes in all its neck-gushing glory, and it’s not weird! Bring on the Bosch! Lemme at some Lynch! Where’s that guy that paints in his own blood? Alright. Here’s a little party sampler of highbrow and lowbrow art for you to enjoy. Don’t by shy, and let us know if we missed something even more gruesome or gory.

Hieronymus Bosch will always be the King of Horror. What’s the best part of the Last Judgement, Hell panels? It’s not really about the sodomizing musical instruments, humanoid demons, and the inexplicable rain of severed legs in the left bottom corner right there. It’s the mutant buildings, with their gaping orifices swallowing up the sinners — back or front — truly terrifying. Argh!!! Kill it. With fire.