More Tiny, Heartbreaking Street Art Sculptures from Isaac Cordal

We’ve previously featured the creations of Brussels-based Spanish street artist Isaac Cordal on Flavorwire, but there’s something about his evocative work that simply leaves you craving more. Fortunately, a post on Designboom pointed us to the latest additions to Cordal’s ongoing Cement Eclipse series, which he installed last month as part of 2012 BLK River Festival in Vienna. Do you see these sad old fellows in shopping carts and row boats as “a sculptural metaphor reflecting on a civilization highly urbanized and homogenized”? Or do you just want to give them a hug? What about the gas mask-wearing bridge and groom on top of the asphalt pile? What are we to make of them? Click through to venture down Cordal’s latest rabbit hole into a miniature world that is strange, bleak, and completely irresistible.

Image credit: Isaac Cordal