Hilarious Election-Themed Halloween Costumes You Can Make Right Now

Halloween is just one day away, kids! Did you celebrate over the weekend? If yes, hopefully you’re already tired of your costume and ready for a new one, because we’re about to bring you some fresh suggestions with a political twist. That’s right — election-themed Halloween costumes. We’re sure you’ve seen too many “Binders Full of Women” by now, so hold tight for some other unique costume options as well as our DIY suggestions and shopping tips. Don’t sweat the time crunch; our picks are all available on Amazon Prime, which means they can be at your doorstep in no time. Check ’em out after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know what you think.

Workout Paul Ryan

We’ll start with one of our favorites — “Workout Paul Ryan.” All you need is… 1. A red hat (backwards, of course); 2. A light gray shirt; 3. Dark gray shorts; 4. A (fake or real) dumbbell; 5. Earbuds. Occasionally flash that silly expression from the center photo, and voilà — you’re suddenly the political equivalent of “Workout Barbie”!

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