10 Unforgettable Zombie Apocalypses in TV History

From surprisingly awesome horror sequels and terrifying artwork to scary movie personality tests, we hope we’ve adequately provided you with a diverse range of activities for this Halloween. And with the day finally upon us, we’re rounding things out with a tried (and sometimes true) classic: the zombie apocalypse. Below we’ve collected some of TV’s greatest spins on the genre, a diverse list of sometimes scary, and often funny (reflexively speaking), episodes which could also double as some entertainment for this evening, or any day really, because zombies, they’re year-round now! Have a favorite TV zombie? Do share!

The Simpsons: “Dial ‘Z’ for Zombies” 

In the final act of the the third annual “Treehouse of Horror” episode, the kids accidentally summon a zombie apocalypse when Bart attempts to resurrect Snowball 1 and must find a way to reverse the spell before all of Springfield becomes zombie-fied. Our favorite moment (above) comes when Homer tries to do a good deed and sacrifice himself for his family, but instead pisses off the undead because he doesn’t have any brains.