More Than Human: Striking, Glamorous Portraits of Animals

Wow, these animals got poise! Check out the photographs of Tim Flach for a monkey giving you a smoldering over-the-should look. Watch an armadillo swagger elegantly along. See a plucked rooster pirouette. Spotted by Fubiz, these glossy, carefully-composed shots show us a side of nature we’re not used to seeing — professionally studio-lit, for one thing. Yes, there’s something quite awkward about the out-of-context, artificial glamor of these animals, but then again, it’s a chance to admire each hair strand on top of this charming creature’s head and every waving tendril on the surface of that funky sea critter’s body. Click through for a selection of our favorite images, and for more gorgeous photos from the same series, pick up a copy of Flach’s new book, More Than Human.

Photo credit: Tim Flach