Vintage Illustrations from a Midcentury Soviet Dictionary

Behold the amazing, illustrated Soviet Trade Dictionary, discovered by Retronaut. Honestly, those of us with chronic Soviet design nostalgia are used to seeing works like this on propaganda posters, but they usually come with a banner of “Available at Your Local Co-op!” Now then, proceed to immaculate, perfectly stylized pages of many different sorts of record players, road bike models, cigarette holders, stylish black shoes, and… Persian carpets, naturally. Among other typically Soviet objects of interest are wooden khokhloma-print dishware and a variety of champagne glasses, the famous Soviet Champagne bottle lingering just behind, lest you forget. And that crane made of strange, porous metal sticks? Well, it’s mechanical and fully functioning. Soviet Legos win. Clearly. Try and find that at your local thrift store, champ!

Image credit: Retronaut