Strangely Beautiful Photos of Fake Cakes and Bodies of Water

Spotlighted by We Heart, Jacinda Russell’s 2010 series Nine Fake Cakes & Nine Bodies of Water — which pays joint homage to Wayne Thiebaud’s desserts and Ed Ruscha’s pools — is all about escapism. “Complete immersion in finding inviting bodies of water to float Styrofoam and acrylic-tinted, caulk cakes was a coping mechanism to come to terms with loneliness and unhappiness with place,” Russell says. “Cakes – both real and fake – appeared to make people happy and I wondered, most simply, if they could make me happy too.” Click through to find out what effect her whimsical work has on you, and visit Russell’s website to see more from her portfolio.

Jacinda Russell, Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky. May 9th, 2010. Archival Inkjet Print. 30″ x 20″