10 New Must-Reads for November

With the power outages and public transport shutdowns in NYC surrounding this week’s hurricane, we’ve spent a lot of time over the past few days curled up reading by candlelight. If you too have used the bad weather as an excuse to tear through your to-read pile, you’re in luck — November is full of opportunities to replenish it. This month, we have a lot of short stories on our plate, in addition to meditations on the hallucinatory and a posthumous collection of essays from one of our very favorite people. Click through to see the books on our must-read list for November, and let us know which ones will be keeping you inside this month in the comments.

Magnificence by Lydia Millet (November 5)

In the third book in Millet’s gorgeous cycle of novels, which began with How the Dead Dream, a grief-stricken Susan Lindley is tasked with restoring a distant uncle’s mansion filled with a vast collection of crumbling taxidermied animals. But it’s not just strange animals that begin to invade her life — her eccentric family makes for a zoo all its own.