The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in November

November is generally something of a slow month for album releases — record companies start to wind down in preparation for the holiday season. This year things are different, though — for the first two weeks of the month, especially, there’s a veritable deluge of worthwhile releases due out, which is good news for music lovers. As ever, we’re here to help you navigate the release schedule labyrinth with our regular monthly roundup of the albums we reckon you absolutely have to hear this month — from sci-fi ambient music and a weird concept record about the end of the world to one very exciting reissue. Let us know what’s on your shopping list this month!

Prince Rama — Top Ten Hits of the End Of The World (November 6)

Some blurbs just write themselves, so we’ll just let it be known that this new album from ever-entertaining Ramayana-lovin’ Brooklyn psychedelic sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson is a concept piece based around the idea of a fictional compilation album of bands who occupied the top 10 of the music chart in the week the world ended. Prince Rama have invented names and backstories for each of these bands, “channeling” them for the purposes of this record. So, um, yeah. Interesting listening!