The Artist and the Critic: 8 Famous Author/Editor Relationships

This week, we were totally psyched to hear that Colin Firth and Michael Fassbender will be playing Thomas Wolfe and his legendary editor Max Perkins in a film adaption of A. Scott Berg’s National Book Award–winning account of their relationship, Max Perkins: Editor of Genius. And not just for all the Firth/Fassbender it means we’ll be getting. Inspired by this national nod towards an important literary relationship, we’ve rounded up a few other famous author/editor relationships to inspire both the critics and the scribblers among you. Read about them after the jump, and if we’ve missed your favorite, tell us the story in the comments.

Max Perkins and Thomas Wolfe

Though Perkins, often referred to as the most famous literary editor of all time, worked with Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and a host of other talents, his relationship with Thomas Wolfe seems always to draw the most attention. Perhaps this is because it was the most tempestuous — Wolfe was a difficult author to handle, writing uncontrollably, unwilling to cut pages, or even lines without enormous pressure and argument. After many a battle, Wolfe began to become resentful of the popular perception that the genius in his works was as much his editor’s as it was his own, and left Scribner’s in a huff. Despite this professional relationship, the two were best friends, albeit complicated ones. We can’t wait to see all the drama played out on the big screen.