12 Well-Designed Bicycles for Urban Dwellers

Last week The New York Times declared, “in post-storm New York, the bike is having a moment of sorts.” The bicycle stories read like a real-life Fred Armisen/ Carrie Brownstein sketch about the hipster’s best-kept secret being proffered to mere mortals — tragically in-the-dark — discovering the unmatched joy (and practicality) of biking for the first time.

If, like many New Yorkers, you’re now seriously considering becoming a bike commuter, here’s a snapshot of today’s bicycle offerings that are a far cry from the unhelpful and uncool Schwinn’s of days gone by. From cargo bikes that get you (and a few friends) to and from the farmer’s market in style to a slick commuter bike with a built-in iPad pouch, click through the check out some of the best cycling options for living locally.

Local by Yves Behar of fuse project

Images via dezeen

The ultimate bicycle for local living, the built-in platform is perfect for transporting shopping, sports equipment, children, or anything else you might want to move around the neighborhood. Locks and lights are integrated in the frame, plus detachable extra pockets and straps.