Dream Homes Built for Books and the Nerds Who Love Them

Barbie has a dream house, and it seems only fair that book nerds should have one too. When we saw a beautiful, four-story home on Gizmodo that was designed entirely around a giant bookcase, we fell in love. Hard. We feature more photos of the bibliofiend’s fantasy palace after the break, along with other amazing houses that take bookcases to the extreme. The designers of these abodes honored the owners’ love of literature by making each home’s central concept and prominent architectural component a huge, built-in library. Several of these bookcases take over the entire house. Are you swooning yet? Click through our gallery for more.

This “vertical loft” was part of a historical restoration project in Rotterdam, designed by Dutch architectural firm, Shift. A three-story bookcase replaced one of the main structural walls in the home, stretching to every floor. The adjacent staircase provides easy access to the large collection. It’s a good thing we don’t live here, since we’d probably never leave the house.