What Your Favorite Comic Says About You

Yesterday, at long last, the paperback edition of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes hit stores. As far as we can tell, there is a certain kind of person who really goes gaga for Calvin and Hobbes — the person who as a kid loved to tromp through the forest all day and come home to read on the couch with a fat hot chocolate at night, who maybe saw things a little differently than those pesky grownups — and that got us to thinking. While being into comics already gets you into the first stage of nerdery, the stories the form brings us range from the serious to the goofball, the superhero to the realist, so there’s no real way to lump comic fans all together. So what does your favorite comic (or graphic novel, just to be inclusive) say about you? Find out after the jump — and let us know if we’ve hit the nail on the head or if you’re plotting our demise in the comments.

Calvin & Hobbes, Bill Watterson
Adventure is your number one priority.

Peanuts, Charles M. Schulz
You like comics, you think. You’ve only read this one, but it was damn good.

Watchmen, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
You’re kind of hoping for a dystopian future to happen in your lifetime. Wouldn’t it be cool?

Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, Art Spiegelman
You kind of thought reading about the Holocaust would be easier if all the characters were animals. You were wrong, though.

Krazy Kat, George Herriman
You have had at least one ill-advised, all-consuming, violent crush. Maybe things were thrown.

Little Nemo in Slumberland, Winsor McCay
You may be an insomniac.

The Fantastic Four, Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
You wish your friends were cooler.

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, Chris Ware
You wish you were cooler — but have come to accept it.