10 Intense Photos of Georgia O’Keeffe for Her Birthday

Last year, we celebrated Georgia O’Keeffe’s 124th Birthday with by highlighting the work of “misunderstood artists” and discussed the sensual overtones of her flower pieces, sensual overtones she has always vehemently denied. Today, on what would have been her 125th birthday, we are rounding up a few of the most iconic photographs of the artist, many of them taken by her husband Alfred Stieglitz in the 1910s. O’Keeffe’s biographer Benita Eisler described their relationship as “a system of deals and trade-offs, tacitly agreed to and carried out, for the most part, without the exchange of a word.” It was also particularly prolific, with Stieglitz shooting over 350 portraits of the artist. She was a captivating, expressive muse. As time progressed, O’Keeffe’s strong, powerful features do not fade — they become accented and framed with sings of age, with the artist looking serious even in a rather silly polaroid by Andy Warhol in the 1970s. Flip through the photo album in our slideshow for poise, intensity and the occasional animal skull prop.

Georgia O’Keeffe, hands 1918, photo by Alfred Stieglitz via Wikipedia