Amusing Vintage Photographs of Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

Happy Thanksgiving week, folks! Will you be watching the Macy’s parade on Thursday? If so, you might want to check out these fascinating old photos and remember a time when lip syncing pop stars were nil and creepy balloons were aplenty. The parade debuted in 1924 as the “Macy’s Christmas Parade,” featuring Macy’s employees in lively costumes and animals from the Central Park Zoo. In 1927, the very first balloon was thrown into the mix, and the rest is history. Did you know that they used to set the balloons free, and whoever found a deflated one could mail it back to Macy’s in exchange for a gift? Crazy stuff. Anyway, check out our selection of vintage Thanksgiving Day parade photographs after the jump, then hit the comments to name your favorites.

Superman, 1940

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