Meet the Makers Leading Brooklyn’s Artisanal Boom

In her new book Brooklyn Makers, photographer Jennifer Causey documents some of the borough’s most promising artisans — from a ceramicist and a florist to a metalsmith and a tie-dyer. But this geographic concentration of creative talent is nothing new. “Brooklyn is not a place that lost touch with the art of making — just ask Martin Greenfield the tailor, Domenico DeMarco (of Di Fara Pizza) the pizzaiolo, Louise Bourgeois the sculptor, or even Spike Lee the filmmaker,” as Eric Demby writes in the foreword. “What sets us apart today is that we all create together with a collective pride in pushing forward the idea of Brooklyn blazed by the great makers before us.” Curious to meet the proud young talents who are driving the ever-expanding artisanal movement? We asked Causey to introduce us to some of the most memorable makers she met while researching her project.

Odette New York

Who: Jennifer Sarkilahti
Location: Greenpoint, Dobbin Mews
From: Virginia
Years in Brooklyn: since 2007

Jennifer Sarkilahti describes her jewelry line, Odette New York, as “classic with a slightly bohemian touch.” Drawing from her travels (recently to Bali, Morocco, Turkey, and Greece) and the metropolis in which she lives, her work is inspired by organic and industrial shapes, primitive forms, natural specimens, and uncommon artifacts.