Peek at the Ideal Bookshelves of 10 Famous Readers

If you’re a frequent visitor to this space, you already know that we think your books can say a lot about you. After all, in a world full of cheap entertainment, may of us would consider the tomes we choose to read — and more importantly, keep — as reflections of some part of ourselves. Even if (sometimes) it’s a part we don’t like very much. To that end, Thessaly LaForce and Jane Mount have created My Ideal Bookshelf, a wonderful volume that celebrates the favorite books of notable figures from David Sedaris to James Franco to Tony Hawk, creating a portrait of each figure in — you guessed it — books. Not only do we love the simple, cheery art, but we also relish the chance to peek onto the bookshelves of some very interesting people. After the jump, check out ten images from the book accompanied by notes from LaForce about working with her subjects, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Chuck Klosterman

“When I interviewed Chuck Klosterman, I was fascinated by how his mind works. He has a million ideas and he’s a natural storyteller. He sees the Warren Commission Report as a first draft of history, and once you look at it that way, it’s impossible to disagree.”