10 Great ’80s Bands You Didn’t Know Still Existed

Amongst the various entries on this week’s new release schedule, we were rather chuffed to see a new album by Washington, DC, hardcore progenitors Bad Brains. We’ll be honest and admit we’d rather spaced on the fact that the band’s classic lineup were playing together again — the last piece of Bad Brains-related material we got our hands on was frontman HR’s solo record a few years back — and the news got us thinking about other great ’80s bands whose continued existence is a cause for celebration. Sure, there’ve been a whole heap of lucrative high-profile ’80s reunions over the last decade or so — everyone from The Police to New Kids on the Block — but there are also some great ’80s bands whose renaissance has slipped under the radar, or who just never broke up in the first place. Here are our picks. What are yours?

Bad Brains

Some 35 years after they first got together in Washington, DC, Bad Brains’ idiosyncratic mixture of frenetic hardcore and relatively laid-back reggae still sounds as strange and wonderful as it ever did. Into the Future is their ninth studio album, and in a pleasing touch, it’s dedicated to late Beastie Boys MC Adam Yauch, the band’s sometime producer and general kindred spirit.