Beautiful Art Nouveau Posters of ’80s and ’90s Movie Heroines

Combining a love for childhood movie heroines and elaborate art nouveau style, Deviant Artist kishokahime has created a beautiful series of nostalgic posters. If you’ve ever dreamed about owning the dress Lili wore for her dance with Darkness in Ridley Scott’s Legend, or if you adore Sarah and her journey through Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, then this is a set of prints you won’t want to miss. Every magical, fantasy film that has ever captured your imagination is represented, but kishokahime is promising this is an ongoing series with more art prints to come. We can’t wait to buy our own after spotting the artist’s work on Nerd Approved (thanks to Slashfilm). Wander our gallery for a trip down memory lane, and tell us which genre heroine is your favorite.

Image credit: kishokahime