How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Like Your Favorite TV Characters

Thanksgiving is for sitting around the table with family and friends, expressing gratitude for things most of us take for granted every other day of the year. But above all, Thanksgiving’s a time for TV, where tempers run as high as oven temperatures. Charred turkey, sibling rivalry, yam-slamming, and sticking a turkey on one’s head; without these key ingredients, no TV Thanksgiving would be complete. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to make your own TV Thanksgiving, at home.

The Hybrid Dish

In The Big Bang Theory’s third-season special, “The Pirate Solution,” Howard Wolowitz describes his mother’s signature Thanksgiving dish. The tur-briska-fil: “Turkey stuffed with brisket stuffed with gefilte fish,” as Howard explains it to an unamused Penny. Mrs. Wolowitz’s creation follows in the legacy of other hybrid dinners. There’s Ted’s far less creative “turturkeykey” – a large turkey stuffed with a smaller turkey – in How I Met Your Mother’s Season 6 “Blitzgiving.” And who can forget Rachel’s erroneous mashup of an English trifle and shepherd’s pie in the sixth season of Friends? Everyone avoids the dessert – including the pigeons Chandler claims ate his – but Joey, of course. “What’s not to like?” Joey asks, as he gulps down helpings of cream-laden beef and peas. “Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? GOOD.”