10 Great Anti-Consumerist Anthems for Buy Nothing Day

As we noted on Wednesday when we discussed Black Friday and its associated Record Store Day releases, we’re not such big fans of the whole getting-up-early-to-battle-other-shoppers-for-discounted-flat-screen-TVs idea that comes with the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, we’re much more in favor of the inverse Buy Nothing Day concept, and not just because we loathe shopping at the best of times and thus buying nothing isn’t exactly a stretch for us. As such, we thought we’d get into the non-spirit of the day with some of our favorite anti-consumerist anthems.

The Clash — “Lost in the Supermarket”

This was the first song that came into our heads when we came up with the idea for this feature, and for good reason — it’s a classic of consumerist alienation and the hollowness that comes from what we rather too tritely call “retail therapy.” Strummer’s lyric and Mick Jones’ forlorn delivery capture beautifully the feeling of loneliness under fluorescent lights, searching for something you can never quite find.