10 Things You Might Not Know About Tarzan

Everyone knows Tarzan, but how many people know the real Lord of the Jungle? Last month, the ubiquitous figure turned a whopping 100, and to celebrate his legacy, Edgar Rice Burroughs expert Scott Tracy Griffin has collected an enormous, glossy volume filled with rare art, movie stills, and insights on every corner of the Tarzan universe. With Tarzan The Centennial Celebration hitting shelves this week, Griffin has put together a list of a few things your average moviegoer might not know about Burroughs’ creation, complete with a set of exclusive images from the book. Start swinging from vines (er, branches) like a pro after the jump.

He’s multi-lingual

“Film Tarzans usually grunt a few mono-syllabic commands to convey their intent, but Burroughs’ Tarzan taught himself to read using the children’s books in his dead parents’ cabin, and learned a succession of languages, including French, English, German, and Dutch, in his adventures spanning 24 novels.”

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