Photographs of Nude Dancers Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

How do you capture pure dance? Strip the dancers of those distracting clothes. Slow down time. Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama shot his dancer models in the middle of graceful, complicated maneuvers. He captured the paths of their thrusting limbs and swaying torsos as a series of shapely blurs and fleshy swirls. They are like 3D canvases covered in hurried brush-strokes, like abstract living sculptures. For stationary images, they are very charged. Pretty great, huh? Don’t dismay. With a properly unlit warehouse, some umptz umptz umptz, and a lot of glowsticks, you could get a similar effect. It won’t be as aesthetically sophisticated, but it will be similar. Check out the series recently profiled by Designboom in our slideshow. Umptz umptz umptz.

Photo credit: Shinichi Maruyama via Designboom