A Selection of Amazing Objects Made Entirely from Cardboard

Being as we’re fans of both innovative design and repurposed materials, we read with interest this week about the success of a Kickstarter aimed at funding the construction of a chair that’s made of recycled cardboard boxes. The chair is called the Re-Ply Chair (shit, we like puns, too), and will begin shipping in February of next year. It’s just one example of a trend toward making all sorts of fascinating objects out of cardboard, a medium that’s both cheap and resilient (so long as you don’t get it wet, we guess.) So here’s a selection of some of the most remarkable things we’ve seen made from cardboard, starting with the surprisingly practical and moving through to the flat-out amazing — an all-cardboard restaurant, anyone? Read on…

A chair

According to Boing Boing, where we first read about the Re-Ply project, the chair’s designer — one Dan Goldstein — has been working on the thing for six years. As with plenty of the other designers and artists in this feature, he aims to alter people’s ideas that cardboard is inherently disposable: “It is always just used in boxes that we toss away but it doesn’t have to be that way. That is one thing I like about the steel frame base, it puts it in the context of something durable and permanent.”