10 Great Rockstars’ Famous Last Words

It’s hard out there for a rock star. All those people out there venerating your image and hanging on your every word — you really have to choose your words carefully. Someone’s always going to remember them. To that end, Jeremy Simmonds, London-based rock writer and author of The Encyclopedia of Dead Rock Stars: Heroin, Handguns and Ham Sandwiches, which just hit shelves this month, has put together a list of famous last words — and we mean very last words — from some of our favorite musicians. “Rock musicians – bless ’em,” Simmonds writes. “They spend their entire lives trying to create the perfect couplet, the lyric that will speak either to the faithful concert crowd, or perhaps just that one dedicated follower sitting alone in his bedsit, wishing he’d thought of it. And while some artists may kill themselves in achieving this, there are as many who might just die trying. However, when the final moment does arrive, even the most articulate can struggle to find the right words…” Read on to find out just what those words, right or wrong, might be.

George Harrison (2/25/43 – 11/29/01)

“Love one another.”

There was something in the way George moved us: he was certainly the quietest Beatle by nature, and perhaps the most peaceful in other ways, too. Of course, it makes complete sense that such a serene individual might find the simplest and most touching message with which to bid us farewell. Harrison had bravely battled cancer for some years, and chose these words with which to depart for that all-too-early date with inspiration. His parting utterance was, shall we say, not typical of all musicians, however…