A Survey of the World’s Biggest Artworks

Perhaps you heard that Christo recently revived his plan to build the biggest artwork of all time? Before the passing of his partner in love and art Jeanne-Claude, the duo began to scheme about a work of massive magnitude. Constructed from 410,000 variously-hued oil barrels, the proposed beast would tower around 492 feet high and glow golden in the sunlight. And now, it might actually be happening in, where else, but Abu Dhabi. That will make all those orange-draped bridges, umbrella-dabbed fields, and purple-wrapped islands look pretty wimpy, won’t it? On that ambitious note, we’ve hauled in a few artworks known for their size. Not all of them are particularly aesthetically appealing, but damn, they’re big! But is bigger necessarily better? You decide. Spoiler: We’re a little biased.

Photo credit: Phaidon

Back to the GIANT ORANGE THING. Unlike Jeanne-Claude and Christo’s previous grand endeavors, this epic installation will be a permanent one. At this scale, does that make Mastaba a gigantic geometric sculpture or an architectural monument? Either way, the structure will be taller than St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome or Great Pyramid at Giza, but…