The Most Amazing Bars in the World

We love a great neighborhood bar — the fictional kind, and the real-life kind that we can settle into for a few hours with good company. We’ve been familiar with the incredibly creepy HR Giger bar in Switzerland for some time now, but a recent spread on Beautiful/Decay reminded us just how amazing Giger’s concept really is. The skeletal stunner inspired us to search out other unique taverns around the world that stretch the limits of our imaginations. See some of our favorites, below.

© http://www.HRGigerMuseum.com, used with permission

© http://www.HRGigerMuseum.com, used with permission

HR Giger Bar

From the mad genius behind the creature designs in Ridley Scott’s Alien comes the HR Giger Bar in Switzerland. The skeletal setting invites patrons inside the belly of one of Giger’s surreal beasts. Vertebrae arches, eerie relief wallpaper, and chairs that resemble torture devices make for a darkly elegant, intimate gathering like no other.