10 New Must-Reads For December

2012 has been a pretty great year for book lovers — this fall, in particular, was filled with fantastic releases both big-name and under the radar. So we’d understand if this December, generally a barren month for good book releases, was a little lighter than usual. We’d even expect it. And yet, despite its bad reputation, this December is shaping up to be a pretty solid month. Maybe it’s all that September and October magic spilling over, or maybe it’s just a lucky year for us. Either way, click through to check out the books we’re most excited about in this the very last month of the year, and let us know what you’d add to our list — or what you can’t wait to pick up from it — in the comments.

Raised From the Ground, Jose Saramago (December 4)

First published in 1980 and only now finally translated into English, Saramago’s City of Lisbon Prize–winning novel follows a family of poor peasants in rural Portugal, making it through the reality of their daily lives as world wars, assassination attempts and communism rage in the background. A treat for any fan of the Nobel Prize-winning author’s work.