Casting the New NBC Adaptation of ‘The Sound of Music’

On Friday, we heard the news that Carrie Underwood will be playing Maria in NBC’s planned live adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s beloved musical The Sound of Music. While we’re a little disappointed by the choice (could Underwood possibly have enough spunky charisma to pull off the part?), hopefully the country star will prove us wrong and the remake will win all of our hearts all over again. More likely we’ll all complain about it, but so it goes. As a helpful suggestion to anyone making further casting decisions — and er, because it’s fun for us — we’ve put in our two cents for the casting of the rest of the principals after the jump. Feel free to argue with us and promote your own favorite candidates in the comments!

Captain Von Trapp — Hugh Jackman

Okay, okay, we admit — we’ve got Jackman on the brain recently. And yes, this casting choice is subject to us seeing more than just trailers for Les Misérables, but so far, we’re convinced that he would make a perfectly intimidating/sexy/soft-on-the-inside Captain Gerog von Trapp. He’d have to go totally clean-shaven, of course.