15 of the Most Horrifying Holiday Decorations

Untangle your holiday lights, slip into a cozy sweater, and dust off your menorah: it’s the time of year when people channel their inner Clark Griswold and go wild decorating their homes. We love to partake in some homey holiday cheer, but sometimes decorations go wrong. Very, very wrong. After spotting a hilariously weird DIY decor project on Laughing Squid, which we feature in our gallery past the break, we went exploring for other horrifying holiday decorations. The Internet did not disappoint. Click through to see our findings, and ponder along with us on why so many of them feature firearms and poop. Happy Holidays!

Tampon Nativity

Hilarious website Tampon Crafts offers DIY decorating ideas “for any time of the month.” Their tampon Nativity scene is a “fresh-scented, feminine” ode to the birth of Jesus. The tampons of choice for this “bloody good Christmas” project are O.B. and Playtex. They also have deranged DIY ideas for festive holiday lights and more. If you celebrate Hanukkah, fear not: they even have a tampon menorah that uses the strings of the tampons as candlewicks.