Underappreciated Blu-ray Gift Guide 2012

There are going to be plenty of people finding copies of excellent Blu-rays from the big studios like Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Disney, and Fox under their trees this holiday season. The number of happy folks unwrapping their Blu-ray copy of The Dark Knight Rises or Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures will be astounding. But what about all those more independent-minded studios out there? We here at Flavorwire don’t think some of the great releases from these smaller guys should be forgotten so we put together an Underappreciated Blu-ray Gift Guide for your 2012 shopping needs. Treat the cinephile in your family to a little something special this holiday season with one of these great releases.

You might be wondering about our criteria for inclusion on this list. Well, it’s simple: 1) The Blu-ray had to be released in the 2012 calendar year. 2) It had to be released by one of the more independent-minded companies out there. 3) It had to be both an impressive film and a quality Blu-ray. 4) We had to really dig the Blu-ray enough to think more people should be aware of its existence.

*Note: We didn’t include any films from The Criterion Collection because we felt that they get plenty of (well deserved) attention and praise already.

A Trip to the Moon (1902) – Flicker Alley

It’s astonishing that a fourteen-minute French, silent, black and white, science fiction film like George Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans le lune) could get one of the very best Blu-ray releases of the entire year. Such is the plight of the serious film collector, right? Flicker Alley’s careful and respectful treatment of the film is cause for celebration. Not only do you get the most beautiful version of A Trip to the Moon you’ve ever seen, you get it in both the restored hand-colored version, the black and white version, and you also get other films by MM including The Astronomer’s Dream (1898) and The Eclipse or The Courtship of the Sun and the Moon (1907). And we’re not done yet… Toss in Serge Bromberg and Eric Lange’s 2011 documentary The Extraordinary Voyage, several different musical scores, an interview with the band Air, and a beautifully illustrated 24-page booklet. This release is a film geek’s dream come true and one that belongs on everyone’s shelf. Get it now!