Beautiful Buildings Made from Ice and Snow

Temperatures are dropping, which means most people are indoors staying warm. There are some designers, photographers, and insane creative types who are braving the chilly weather to construct unusual buildings made entirely from ice and snow. These ephemeral works of architecture are perhaps the greenest on the planet, melting silently into the earth when spring starts to approach. Other icy structures thrive amongst some of the coldest temperatures on the planet. It’s awe-inspiring to know that a substance like water can create something that feels so completely larger than life, making the organic buildings seem almost magical. We searched the globe for beautiful castles, hotels, and other buildings made from ice (inside and out). View more in our gallery.

Located in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico at the center of the Enchanted Circle in Taos Ski Valley is The Celestial Sphere — a concert and performance hall made of ice. The venue even hosts performances featuring instruments made from ice. Carvers Tim and Birgitta Linhart created the igloo-style hall, complete with ambient lighting and lasers, to make their version of “a nightclub in heaven.”