Christmas Gifts for the Book Nerd Who’s Read Everything

Buying gifts for anyone can be hard, but when you’re shopping for a book nerd, you face a particular dilemma: of course, you want to give them a great book, but as far as you can tell they’ve read just about anything, so you’re a little stuck. Luckily, there are lots of fun presents out there that any lit geek would love to have (we know we would, hint, hint), even if they can’t actually read them. Click through to get some ideas from our bookish gift guide, and let us know what you’re giving to your dearly beloved novel addict in the comments.

There She Blows: A 2013 Hark! A Vagrant Literary Calendar
$14.95 at Topatoco

We’ve been obsessed with Kate Beaton’s comics, and especially her bookish ones, for quite some time now. Christmas is the perfect time for giving calendars, but in case your beloved already has one, you can always pick up a print instead.