Classic Love Songs As Enormous Neon Signs

So this is quite a few steps up from holding a boombox over your head. In their recent project 12 Months of Neon Love, which we spotted over at My Modern Met, Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater turned lines from classic love songs into enormous neon signs, which they displayed on their workshop roof in West Yorkshire, England, visible to the passengers on the local commuter trains as they whizzed by. The artists explain: “By touching on something universal, the work strives to initiate a thought or memory in the viewer concerning their own experiences of love; as well as providing a heartfelt sentiment for them to take with them on their journey.” Click through to see a few of our favorites from the project, and then be sure to head on over to their website to see more photos and buy the book. After all, nothing says love like a huge neon sign.

Photo Credit: Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater