Incredible Pop-Up Book Sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown

It’s a dearly held wish of every child with a favorite book (and a few adults, too): that those beloved characters would rise from the pages and come to life, as if by magic. Well, artist Jodi Harvey-Brown hasn’t quite brought these fairy tale characters to life, but she has brought them out from the page, and it does seem to involve a little bit of magic. Harvey-Brown’s beautiful “book alterations,” which we recently spotted over at io9, feature Alice and Huck, dragons and castles, and at least one spaceship, and might be as close as we’re likely to get to a dream come true. Click through to see some of our favorites from Harvey-Brown’s portfolio, and then be sure to check out more of her work here, or see what she has for sale over at her Etsy shop.

Photo Credit: Jodi Harvey-Brown