How to Host a Hipster Cookie Exchange

The cookie swap is an old-fashioned affair that resurrects ghosts of tinsel and Tupperware past. Originally created as a fun and festive way to fulfill a housewife’s annual baking duties, the calorie-laden event is the perfect substitute for holiday gift shopping. Replace mindless mall madness and the potential disaster of ambitious DIY debacles by throwing a great excuse to knock back some eggnog instead. Click through for our guide to hosting a throwback extravaganza that embraces what this time of year is really all about: cookies and whiskey.

Step 1: The Concept

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What’s a hipster anything without a clever, ironic theme that sends you running to your nearest thrift store in a last-minute attempt to pull together appropriately ironic on-theme attire. Let your fête be similarly offbeat in that wonderfully cliché way that’s become synonymous with hipsters the world over. Think Christmustache cookies, Put-A-Bird-On-It pizelles, or Victorian-era victuals.