From Picasso to Dolly Parton: The 10 Best Giftable Art Books of 2012

Art books: the absolute best “no one needs this, everyone likes this” gift option out there. We sifted through this year’s wealth of art book offerings — from highbrow to lowbrow, $10 to $750 (?!!) — to provide ten page-turning suggestions we guarantee won’t just sit collecting dust on your coffee table. Enjoy!

Kate: The Kate Moss Book, $85

Nostalgic for Kate’s early ’90s “Obsession” waif days? The Johnny Depp years? Or her 2011 haute-bohemian Vogue wedding shoot? No matter what stage of Kate you’re pining for, it is sure to be satisfied in this tome, a gorgeous 368-page giant by Rizzoli, edited by Kate herself. Released with six different covers, each shot by a different photographer, and shipped to buyers at random.