The 15 Most Underrated Albums of 2012

It’s December, which means the music industry’s listomania is now in full swing. But wait, if on the off chance you haven’t written your own personal end-of-year list, then have a quick look at this one before you start anointing one of the usual suspects — Grimes, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Swans, Fiona Apple, etc. — as the best of 2012. We love all those records, but there are a heap of great albums released in 2012 that we think haven’t gotten anywhere near the amount of end-of-year love they deserve. We profiled some of them in June — read on to find out our selections from the second half of the year, and let us know if you reckon we’ve missed any.

Lower Dens — Nootropics

This got plenty of love when the album dropped in May, but it seems to have been largely forgotten since then — we haven’t seen it on anyone’s end-of-year list at all, although we suspect that Pitchfork might have some love left in store. Anyway, Nootropics‘ Beach-House-meets-Neu! sounds are most excellent, and well worthy of investigation if you missed this record the first time around.