10 Offbeat Artists Who Are Keeping the Old, Weird New York Alive

You moved to New York City for a reason — the culture, the 24-hour bodegas, the street meat, the crazies, the art — and the weirdness that makes New York, New York. Despite the influx of luxury towers and khaki-pantsed nerds, these artists keep on keeping weird, helping to make New York one of the most awesome places on Earth. 

Photo credit: Jonathan Grassi


One Monday a month, Breedlove takes over Tammany Hall on Orchard Street for his rock ‘n’ roll party, Magic Monday. Only in New York can a Monday be the wildest night of the week, and only in New York can a mulleted man in a sweater vest and tweed jacket belt out songs into a rotary phone to a recording, while standing on a bar as dozens of onlookers sing along. Breedlove (and his fans/friends) mesh low-budget cabaret with over the-top-fashion and non-judgmental fun, echoing the democratic party scene of the 1970s’ and ’80s’ most legendary clubs, where queens danced with Wall Street dudes and celebrities mingled with club kids and people from Jersey.