How to Dress Like Your Favorite Film Characters

The Big Lebowski‘s beloved Dude has been immortalized in the hearts of moviegoers. In the stoner caper, we learn that the Dude cares deeply about White Russians, his rug, and his robe — but many fans fixate on his cozy Cowichan sweater (which was created with four pounds of yarn!). Since the original sweater was auctioned off for thousands of dollars, we’re grateful for companies like 80sTees who have created an exclusive replica for only $200.

Contemporary clothing in film is often ignored for the flashier costumes and fantasy outfits, but it’s the everyday clothes that have the biggest effect on people — embodying the spirit of the characters and film. We can relate to a t-shirt or sweater easier than we can to an 18th-century ball gown. If you’ve been dying to dress like your favorite film characters, we’ve rounded up a collection of clothes (and a few accessories) you can purchase that are the real deal. These aren’t Halloween costumes, and you won’t feel like a walking LARP disaster while wearing them. Abide by our film fashion guide after the jump.

The Dude in The Big Lebowski

This sweater really ties the room together. We spotted the cable-knit replica on Dangerous Minds and have been experiencing the urge to bowl ever since. $200